Perhaps you find everything stressful at the office.  You wonder if your boss appreciates your work. You are given too many tasks to perform. You worry that your job may be eliminated because of the sluggish economy.

Research from England shows that the older you are, the less stress you may be experiencing. An article from HealthDay reveals interesting age-related statistics:

As a 55-year-old baby boomer, I’m feeling more relaxed at work. A mere decade ago, it wouldn’t take much to stress me out. I’m trying to figure it out. My thinking is I have more on my plate these days. I started this blog earlier this year.  One of the best decisions I ever made. I allot a period of time each day to research, write and edit my posts.  My blog helps me relax and balances out my full-time day job. I also take better care of my health. With prostate cancer, I want to make sure I am eating the right foods. I also need to watch my weight. Bottom line: I need to keep my priorities in proper order.

Whether or not you’re a baby boomer, I hope you can find the necessary balance in your life. It could help reduce your workplace stress.