Perhaps you enjoy watching celebrity TV chef Emeril Lagasse prepare tasty New Orleans-inspired meals. Many times, Emeril decides to “kick it up a notch” by using a special ingredient. When he adds chopped garlic to a recipe, the audience roars with approval.

Then again, you may connect garlic with the vampire. Garlic, according to legend, keeps the vampire from devouring his or her famous cocktail…human blood. When I think of garlic, I think of prime rib. Nothing is better than an extra-large chunk of garlic stuck in a slice of this expensive meat.

Whatever you think about garlic, it’s popular and, quite possibly, good for your health.  Anahad O’Connor has a story in the New York Times that suggests garlic may cut down your chance of catching a cold:

The National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine has a splendid fact sheet on garlic. This website will answer many of your questions, including whether garlic can help lower blood pressure:

Just for fun, I’ve added a recipe for garlic ice cream:

I don’t know if I’m brave enough to try garlic ice cream. It might be good. If you have any favorite garlic recipes, drop me a line at or comment on this post. Happy eating…unless it’s your first date.