Let’s face it. In this economy, it’s hard to come up with money to take that much-needed Vegas vacation. You may have to delay purchasing that spiffy computer with its high-tech features.  If you’re an out-of-shape baby boomer, and want to make an early New Year’s resolution to get buff, a fitness club membership may be out of the question.

If your wallet is thin and your tummy is starting to get soft and poke out, consider some cost-effective ways to get in shape. In a Los Angeles Times article by Jeannine Stein, three personal trainers offer exercise tips that will free up a few hard-earned dollar bills:


As the article points out, these exercises can help should you be confined to your home with sickness, such as the H1N1 flu. I’m trying to conjure up an image of doing jumping jacks with Campbell’s soup cans or performing water bottle wood chops and exercise ball push-ups. Hey, if you’re able to  get in shape while saving money, that Vegas trip may become a reality.