It would be easy to conclude that breast cancer is a woman’s disease and prostate cancer is a man’s disease. Not the case. Yes, prostate cancer affects guys only. You would be hard pressed to find a women with a prostate gland!  Unfortunately, breast cancer can and does strike men.

Rocker Peter Criss, founding member of the band KISS, describes his  personal battle with breast cancer. The 63-year-old Criss had a lumpectomy and mastectomy early in 2008. Read about Criss’s journey in a Reuters article by Phil Wahba:

The American Cancer Society has a website that provides valuable information on male breast cancer. You’ll learn that “the prognosis (outlook) for men with breast cancer was once thought to be worse than that for women, but recent studies have not found this to be true. Based on looking at each stage, the survival rates are about equal. In other words, men and women with the same stage of breast cancer have a fairly similar outlook for survival.”

If you’re concerned about a breast symptom, don’t let that “stubborn inner male” keep you from seeing the doctor. As the article points out, Criss grew up in Brooklyn. Hey, you have to be tough if you grew up in that New York City borough!