You’re a baby boomer guy who has finally decided to see the doctor. At the physical exam, the nurse will record your blood pressure. Your doctor will make you say “AAAHHH,” check your ears, listen to your heartbeat, poke around your stomach and make you visit the restroom so you can produce a “sample.”

But will your doctor tell you you’re overweight? Perhaps not. I have mixed feelings on this. I can understand why a doctor would not tell a patient he or she is obese. The doctor knows this is a sensitive subject. The patient is probably aware of a weight problem, even though there may be denial.

Considering the obesity epidemic in the United States, doctors should be frank with their patients. Valerie Ulene writes an article for the Los Angeles Times:,0,4765768.story

My weight has gone up and down for over 30 years. I remember a visit to the doctor several years ago….at a time when I was quite plump. I glanced over at the doctor’s computer screen (showing my medical stats) and saw the word “obese.”  If I remember correctly, he didn’t tell me I was fat, but I certainly got the message!