I remember watching Willard Scott, on NBC’s Today Show, give birthday wishes to those reaching the ripe old age of 100. I have a feeling if Scott were able to live another 100 years, he would be getting time-and-a-half pay keeping up with a whole bunch of new centenarians.

According to the medical journal The Lancet, infants born today have a good chance of reaching the century mark. ABC News medical writer Joseph Brownstein has the story:


It seems to me, and I’m neither a doctor nor a medical researcher, that we need to make huge steps in winning the wars against cancer and obesity if we are to see more people not only reach 100, but to stay healthy at that age. One hopes a cure for cancer can be found in the decades ahead. That could extend life expectancy. But we all need to do our part in improving and maintaining our cardiovascular health. Obesity is simply out of control.  

Hallmark may want to expand its production capacity in the decades ahead. There should be a growing demand for “Happy 100th Birthday” cards.