I really have to applaud Rafael Navarro and Duncan MacLeod. In a Los Angeles Times piece by Jeannine Stein, the two Burbank digital studio workers reveal their not-so-great food choices to thousands of potential readers.

I marvel at their courage, because I would find it tough to be candid about my eating habits.  While I’m making far better food choices these days, I really don’t want people to know what is in my refrigerator.

Today’s fast-paced society makes it too easy to rely on fast foods and fatty snacks. In the following story, nutrition expert Emily Ventura picks apart the eating habits of Navarro and MacLeod:


It’s nice to see that Navarro and MacLeod exhibit a few healthy eating habits, but there is a lot of room for improvement. After reading Stein’s article, perhaps you will see the need to choose healthful food alternatives. I know I will think twice about going for that sugary snack.