Perhaps the most stressful ordeal for a baby boomer is helping a parent cope with age-related health difficulties. Your mother may have been recently diagnosed with Alzheimer’s Disease. Or your father just slipped on wet pavement and broke his hip. It’s a hard time for a boomer, but help is available.

Lesley Alderman writes in the New York Times that geriatric care managers are available to offer family members guidance during these emotional times:

Alderman’s article links you to the website for the National Association of Professional Geriatric Care Managers. At you’ll find a great overview of the association as well as instructive videos such as “Symptoms of Alzheimer’s,” “Working with a geriatric care manager,” and “What’s best for Mom.”

Hey, Mom and Dad took care of you as a kid. Now it’s time to give your parent or parents the same tender loving care. But if you need help with housing, medical, legal and other complicated issues, it’s nice to know you have these case workers to lend a helping hand.