Is your exercise program well-rounded? Is there a need to tweak your workout to get maximum benefits? After reading an article on, I’ve discovered that I need to add more elements to my exercise regimen.

Every person enters a fitness program with a goal. Perhaps it’s a need to drop pounds, or a need to look more buff before re-entering the dating scene. In my case, my urologist, after letting me know I have prostate cancer, wanted me to lose weight and start upper body workouts. Faced with a potentially life-threatening disease, was I going to argue with my doctor? Heck no! Even though I’m happy I dropped several pounds and lowered my blood pressure, I need to do some fine tuning. The following article will help:


Here is my (self-judged) report card after reading this article:

Aerobic Fitness  (C) — I do a brisk, daily 30-minute walk. While this is good, I’m not getting my heart to beat at a fast pace.

Muscular Fitness(B+) — I do get an effective upper body workout every other day…including chest press, bicep and tricep exercises.

Stretching (F) — I’m not doing any stretching. Not good!

Core stability (C) — I’m doing abdominal crunches at home (daily). I need to do more at the weight room, including using those fitness balls.

Balance training (F) — I’m not doing any balance training. As I get older, I need to do more of this.

Not the best report card. I need to do better. As always, check with your doctor before starting an exercise program, especially if you are getting up in age.