It’s that part of men’s (and women’s) health maintenance that we would just as soon gloss over. We all know what the large intestine is for. We just don’t want any flexible tube probing this spaghetti-looking part of our insides.

But the colonoscopy remains the key tool in detecting polyps and cancers of the colon. Katherine Hobson has a great article that touches on, among other things, fear of the procedure, the cost of a colonoscopy and how to pick a doctor:

I had my colonoscopy not long after my 50th birthday. Luckily, I was cancer free. Not even a polyp.  I was well sedated during the procedure. As I left the hospital, I realized I had spent way too much time worrying about colonoscopies.  I will admit the colon-cleansing routine the day before was anything but enjoyable.

When we think of plumbing, we think of fixing the kitchen sink or plugging a leak in the bathroom. What is critical is our own plumbing. Baby boomers of both sexes need to get a colorectal screening. Let your doctor know if your family has a history of cancer, then get checked.