I just had my four-month prostate cancer check-up. My urologist is comfortable with my PSA score and says my prostate gland feels normal. That means I will continue “active surveillance.” I monitor the cancer by taking a PSA test and digital rectal exam every four months. Treatment would begin if my doctor starts noticing abnormalities.

It will be interesting to see how many men choose active surveillance in the years to come. This option can be available for men with low-grade cancer or men who have medical conditions that could make it risky to perform surgery. Older men may also be good candidates. This is a subject I would love to explore in future blog posts.

I’m surprised I remain comfortable with this waiting game. I’m generally a worrywart, so I can understand why some men halt active surveillance and choose treatment or prostate removal.

My doctor was pleased that I’ve lost 31 pounds since January.  I need to keep eating fruits, veggies and whole grains and keep current with my exercise program. Perhaps exercise and healthful foods will make it easier for my body to battle the cancer. That’s my hope.

I’m in the same club as any other cancer patient. I need to take this disease one day at a time, stay as healthy as I can and have complete trust in my doctor. Cancer treatment has been improving in recent years, but it’s still a tricky disease. Each cancer patient needs to be monitored regularly.