No baby boomer men’s health blog can be complete without a discussion about Erectile Dysfunction, commonly known as E.D. You’ve seen the advertisements. A happy middle-aged couple discover that a little pill can turn a humdrum day into a wild, passionate adventure.

Back in the day, it seemed as if you only saw television ads for soda pop, fast food, toiletries, beer and breakfast cereal. Now, it’s hard to get through an hour of T.V. without seeing Viagra, Cialis and Levitra commercials. And who can say they didn’t giggle the first time they heard an announcer mention that you need to seek medical attention if an erection lasts longer than four hours.

Lesley Alderman has a story in the New York Times describing treatment options for a disorder that is more common after a baby boomer reaches his mid-60s:

What is worth noticing in this story is that lifestyle changes may help restore a man’s sexual ability. Perhaps E.D. presents a good opportunity to lose weight, exercise and pick more healthful foods. It’s worth a try. You can always choose medication, as long as you have a good, honest talk with your doctor.