As I get closer to my late 50s, I’m becoming more aware of my health. I’m starting to follow my doctor’s advice. I’m eating better. I perform at least a half-hour of exercise each day. I’ve had my colonoscopy. What am I neglecting? My eyes. I have not been to an eye doctor in over 30 years. There is no excuse for this because an eye exam can yield important clues.

It’s a familiar story for baby boomers. One day you have normal eyesight. The next day you’re wearing reading glasses. It happened to me about ten years ago.¬† It happened quickly. The eyesight deteriorated in a matter of months. I don’t know why I didn’t schedule an eye exam. ¬† links you to a television news report on the importance of getting those eyes checked:

Eye health is not just a boomer issue. Eye problems can strike at any age. I need to get on the phone and schedule an eye exam.