Even the healthiest among us have a vice or two. Perhaps you like to sneak a chocolate bar. A pepperoni stick may be just the fix you need after a hard day at the office. I drink a lot of diet soda, which makes me wonder if I’m doing harm to my body.

I feel guilty about this because I’m trying to develop a healthier lifestyle. I’m happy that I have  increased  my intake of fresh fruits and vegetables. I do a daily, brisk walk and perform upper body exercises at the weight room. But when I get home, it’s straight to the refrigerator where a 12-pack of sparkling cola is waiting for me.

I’m fully aware that there is nothing better for the body than plain old water. Each day, you need H2O and plenty of it. Perhaps it’s the carbonation of pop that appeals to me.

If you are considering the pros and cons of diet soda, check out HealthCentral.com, where fitness expert Cynthia Haines presents diet soda “Myths and Facts”:


I guess the jury is still out on whether diet soda is harmful to your health. A habit is hard to break. Perhaps I can switch to fruit-flavored carbonated water. I can always change my ways.

Note: I would love to hear from the medical community on this issue. Please leave a comment or drop me an e-mail at scottguythingblog@gmail.com.