Back in the day, I remember when “Pong,” that goofy game played on a television screen, featuring two paddles and a ball, would attract a large crowd at the department store. Years later, as video games became higher-tech, I would walk through the mall and dismiss these games as  “kid’s stuff.” Now there is an effort to determine if these games can boost brain power in older people.  

Anita Hamilton has a great story at that describes a study that will follow nearly 300 seniors as they play “Boom Blox.”,8599,1909852,00.html

In the article, psychologists Anne McLaughlin and Jason Allaire, from North Carolina State University, want to find out how Boom Blox will affect cognitive functioning.

If there is a chance that playing video games will keep my mind sharp as I glide through my boomer years and enter senior citizen territory, I may just ask  Santa for a video game this holiday season.