Do singles lose out when it comes to health? I don’t know, but for years I’ve read that married folks seem to live longer.

I think there’s truth to that. Let’s explore two “Joe Six-Pack” guys:  Carl is single. When Carl is hungry, he drops by the convenience store for corn dogs, chips and cola.  Later, Carl may visit the nearest watering hole for a game of pool and a few pints. Carl returns home. What did Carl do that day? Who knows? His cat?

Ed, who is married, has breakfast with his wife and kids. Let’s hope they had a nutritious meal, complete with fruit and grains. Ed comes home to dinner. Again, a nice meal with all the food groups. Ed keeps waking up with stomach pains.  Ed thinks nothing is wrong, but his wife may grab him by the collar and drag him to the doctor’s office.

Carl may start getting unusual headaches. Who is going to tell him to make an appointment with the MD?

Reuters Health has a story on how a lasting marriage can affect your health:

It’s great if you’re married or in a relationship. For single guys: It’s up to you to take charge of your health.