I admit I’m a private guy.  I don’t feel like standing on the street corner and letting everyone within the sound of my voice know that I have prostate cancer. Yet I feel good about getting on the Internet and blogging about my disease.

I really don’t know why. Perhaps getting on the web gives me a bit more anonymity. It’s a chance for me to vent and, at the same time, instruct my fellow baby boomers to see the doctor and get tested for prostate cancer.

National Public Radio has the touching story of  Christina Avery, whose daughter, Megan, is fighting Leukemia. Avery uses the Internet to update Megan’s progress. In an audio feature, you’ll hear Avery and family members discuss Christina’s blogging:


It’s mind-boggling how the Internet is changing the way we communicate. It’s also comforting to know that you can turn on your computer, log on and get a lot off your chest.