I am pleased to announce a new feature to It’saguythingblog. “Ask the Specialist” will let doctors answer questions that concern baby boomer guys and gals. Our first doctor is Steven A. Schnur, a Florida cardiologist and author of “The Reality Diet.” Look for the link on the right-hand side of the main page, click, and learn about heart health.

I am also happy that Dr. Sheldon Marks, author of the recently released 4th edition of “Prostate and Cancer: A Family Guide to Diagnosis, Treatment and Survival,” will be this blog’s specialist in urology. Marks will be featured in a question and answer session soon.

As always, I want this blog to be reader-driven, so if you have ideas for “Ask the Specialist,” please respond to this post or drop me an e-mail at scottbkeith@yahoo.com.