You’re making progress on your diet. You’re eating healthful foods and doing your daily exercises. The bathroom scale says you’re losing a few pounds each week.

Then you’re invited to the company picnic. You know there will be sloppy hamburgers, snappy hot dogs, plenty of chips and sugary soda pop to wash it all down. You’re in a pickle.

The purpose of this post is to confess that I slip up once in a while. Since mid-January, I have been on a health kick. Every day I eat cabbage, carrots or broccoli. I try to get my fruit by juicing fuji apples and oranges. I started upper body workouts in February.

Recently, I was on a writing assignment that took me to Oregon’s Crater Lake and surrounding attractions. I traveled to Eugene the day before. I knew I would be eating burgers and junk food while on the road. That’s a given. Unfortunately, I started my bad eating habits the day before the trip. I continued my relapse a few days after.

I spent about 7 days eating the wrong foods. I probably gained five pounds. Luckily, I’m back to exercising and eating whole grains, fruits, veggies and nuts.

The point is if you need to go to the company picnic, try not to worry. Enjoy the food, but get right back to your diet the next day. It takes a little discipline, but your body will thank you.