Hey, we’re all rushed these days; it seems every job involves multi-tasking. Doctors probably face the same hectic schedules. So the next time you visit the doctor for a physical examination, bring a pencil and notebook. It will save you and your doctor time.

It’s hard enough to get the baby boomer guy to schedule a medical check-up. It’s even harder for Mr. Stubborn to figure out what issues to bring up with the doctor, especially if the MD seems to be rushing the visit. I hope your doctor will have time to explain your symptoms….and perhaps put you at ease. Bring a note pad, just in case.

Here is my routine before the physical. I get a pen and some paper and divide my body into three segments: 1. Head. 2. Head to belt. 3. Below the belt. Take each section and list any symptoms you may have. First category: any headaches, dizziness, vision problems? Second category: stomach aches, pains, indigestion? Third category: any urinary/bowel symptoms, leg pains, foot pains, bumps, lumps?

Get these, and any other symptoms, down on paper. When you get to the doctor, waste no time in listing these concerns. It will help keep your doctor visit tight, and focused. Be sure to mention prior conditions, such as high cholesterol and high blood pressure. Do you need prostate and colorectal screenings? Ask.

Just a few minutes of homework will make your doctor visit worth your wait.